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Our Property

Situated at the entrance of the old village, between the old city walls and the promenade, the 16th century building of Torre Porto Venere offers a unique view over the most evocative village of the Gulf of Poets.

Once used for military purposes, the round-shaped building offers our guest a 360° view, quite rare in village like Porto Venere, where houses were strategically built in rows to form the typical frontage. The recent renovation was carried out in full respect of traditional materials and colours, restoring the original splendour of this massive round-shaped building. As a result of a smart and well-studied architectural project, the property was devoted to hospitality.


Built in stone at the beginning of 16th century, the Sea tower was originally erected to reduce the impact of naval cannons during the attacks of Pisa naval forces. This little renaissance fortress was then used for centuries by the small garrison of Genoese soldiers deployed to protect the walls, until the decline and the dissolution of the Republic of Genoa due to Napoleon’s conquest wars.
With the fading of its strategic importance, the tower was gradually degraded, becoming a warehouse for fishing nets and equipment.

At the end of the 19th century, the building was first converted to a dwelling and then, after significant renovation works in 1951 and 1963, it was enlarged to its current size.
Owned for over a century by the Pandolfo family, the tower has been totally renovated in 2014. The rooms of Torre Porto Venere are on the second and third floors of the house, while the first and the fourth floors are still inhabited by the heirs of Pandolfo family. The large photogallery extensively illustrates the evolution of the building in the past two centuries.


Every detail contributes to making each room a real marvel of elegance


Unmistakable design of the furniture give the rooms elegance and simplicity


The research of fabrics and the selection of materials offer high quality standards


The unusual shape of this historic building make the structure unique

Our Rooms

The unusual shape of this historic building, the architectural and furnishing solutions, and the tailor-made lighting make each of the six rooms of Torre Porto Venere unique. Yet, they all offer the same high quality standards. From the quality of sleep to the choice of fabrics, from the selection of materials in rooms and bathrooms to the unmistakable design – our rooms feature high quality, simplicity and robustness.

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